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  • E-Z Jett® Cassette 8-Place
  • Mr. Thirsty® one-Step Trial Kit
  • Crystal HD® Soft Grip Neon Assorted
  • Video and Digital Imaging and Documentation
  • Hurricaine ® Topical Anesthetic Liquid – Original Wild Cherry


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As a microscope user I can understand the importance of clear vision. ZIRC mirrors significantly improved the brightness of my image giving my eyes highest quality vision. It’s true… Brightness makes all the difference.

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Verkadent Indonesia is one of some trading company which sell dental products in Indonesia. Our office located in Jakarta (Capital City of Indonesia). Now we sell some products about dental products and will grow more and add more products soon. We are very welcome for suppliers from other country and reseller Indonesia for join with us. We hope can grow together about our bussines.



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We offer a wide variety of effective products for dental office organization and increasing procedural efficiency that will bring success to dental practices of all sizes

Zirc's Organizational Box of Efficiency (Z.O.B.E)
A 100% complimentary service from Zirc Dental. The Z.O.B.E. Experience offers a product demonstration with more than 25 of Zirc's Color Coding products. Zirc ships the product to you; you get hands-on experience at your practice for a week and then you return it back to Zirc...for FREE.

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  • Reduce eyestrain and improve patient care with Crystal HD® mouth mirrors April 24, 2018
    Having an adequate and clear view during a procedure relies heavily on the most common dental tool you use…the mouth mirror. The reflection of the mouth mirror is important in several ways for performing on a patient, but often times an unknown factor in the professional health of the practitioner. A dim and distorted mouth […]
    Zirc Dental Products
  • Enhancing procedure efficiency and the patient experience with Mr. Thirsty One-Step® March 29, 2018
    Often times, the answers to life’s problems are right under our nose…in this case, it’s true. Implementing Mr. Thirsty One-Step in a dental practice will instantly decrease chair time and improve the patient’s experience. This hands-free isolation device allows a dentist to work without an assistant, an assistant to work by themselves at chairside and […]
    Zirc Dental Products

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