We are faced with stress everyday in our lives. It’s a matter of how you can avoid it, handle it or move on from it that determines whether you can stay clear of the negative side-effects that can prevail.

The Facts

According to the American Psychological Association at the American Institute of Stress in New York, our jobs are the number one thing that stresses us out and 48% surveyed say it has an effect on their personal and professional life. No surprise really, we spend a good portion of our week at work and then play catch-up in our spare time to satisfy our personal needs leaving very little room for ourselves to unwind and bring our mind or body back to center.

What does this have to do with dental?

Well…everything. I don’t need to tell you that there are stressors at your practice; timely- scheduled procedures, sudden appointment cancellations, emergency appointments, procedure preps, sterilization processes. There are not enough hours in the day and you deal with a lot of factors throughout that can make even Eutychia an unhappy worker. Simple changes can lead to positive results along with creating happier and healthier people.

Is Zirc the Answer?

Can Zirc solve all of your stress-related concerns? Of course not, but when our research and design team gets together to bring effective dental products and techniques to the industry there are 3 values considered during this process. Innovation. Quality. Efficiency. Not only will these values help a dental practice profit more as a business, it will also enhance the unity and flow to what goes on in front of a patient and behind the sterilization walls. Decreasing your material inventories and increasing your procedure efficiencies will help you gain more time in your work day adding more value to your practice and co-workers all-the-while putting a smile on your face.

A Practice Saving $117,000

Recently, a passionate Zirc customer had performed an in-depth case study on using our products and techniques. Getting a quick and favorable return will definitely relieve some stress but think about the improved productivity and long term positive effects this practice will now enjoy creating an overall better workplace.

The Small Step

Don’t try to fix all of your stressors at once. Change one thing you do during a procedure or sterilization process that you think may help relieve stress or make you feel more positive while doing your job. Try it for a short period of time, and if it does not work you can always revert back.

We are all in this (life) together, leave a comment and share some sort of stress reliever that you feel makes your day more enjoyable.